Monday, November 10, 2008

It was my Mom's Birthday

My Mom just celebrated her 23rd (wink for you Mom) birthday and for my family I always try to make them a card. So this one was no exception. My husband and I have done some work for them around their house and gardens so they said (add the motherly tone here) "Kerry, we don't want you to give us any gifts. You've already done so much for us." So I listened, but I tried to make her a special card and this weekend we are taking them out for a nice dinner.

My Mom is one of my closest friends. Just to give you an example of how close we are, I can even stand to go shopping for clothes when she and I go out...and that is saying a lot--laugh. I am extremely lucky to have my parents, and my husband's parents for that matter, so close to us. They are always there for us if we need support and we for them. We both have siblings that live some distance away so they don't have the opportunities to go shopping or out to dinner and just enjoy being with one another. That is unfortunate for them, but good for us. Thank you for looking and I hope that you enjoyed.

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Nettie said...

gosh, your Mom must have been around 6 when she had you *wink* !!!
It's so good to have a Mom who is a friend too, keep her close to your heart;-)