Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Friends

I had the most wonderful weekend last weekend. A colleague invited me to go with her to an all night stamping/scrapping event. It was wonderful to spend time with her outside of work and to meet some amazing people. These ladies are so creative and just lovely people. We mostly talked, but with their guidance I was able to almost complete a whole scrapbook page. This for me is a big deal, because I haven't scrapped in over a year. Then on Sunday I spent the afternoon with two other lovely women.

I had met a lovely lady last summer when she and a friend stopped by during my stamping/scrapbooking garage sale. Her name was Lu Ann and she contacted me a week ago after she had visited my blog and wanted to get together to create the flower I made using my Nestabilities. What a wonderful surprise to know that she had been keeping track of my blog all this time.

So I went over to her home thinking I was going to simply show her how I did it and then come home. She has the most wonderful studio, literally filled with all the great stuff needed to be creative. She had also invited another friend, Roxy, to join us and learn. So there we sat, Cuttlebugs at the was wonderful. These ladies are both fantastic! Lu Ann went a step further, she had lunch ready for us which was totally unexpected!

After we got done playing with the flower, Lu Ann showed Roxy and I how the Cricut works. Roxy is thinking about buying one and wanted to see it at work. I never wanted a Cricut, but boy is it awesome! I realized that it is capable of a great deal more than I knew.

So now, I feel so fortunate to have met so many wonderful people who share my same passions. I'll post pictures of recent creations tomorrow.

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