Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Warm Greetings, Cold Noses

When I have a rough day, like today, it is always so wonderful to go home and just "be" with my family. For me that means my husband and our little zoo of pets--smile.

I just love this little one for many reasons, but not least of which is her desire to just cuddle with me. She climbs under the covers and snuggles right next to me, I think I have the smallest amount of understanding about what parents of two-legged kids feel like.

I can't forget the other two that always greet me with a smile and a kiss no matter how awful the day went. And of course it is only appropriate that this be a fall photo shoot. Morgan (yellow dog) is our eldest and she has always been our little model. When we first rescued her she had a weak tummy so not only would she pose for pictures she was also scrawny just like a super model--giggle. And if you think she's a Golden, she isn't. She is a beautiful mutt (Yellow Lab/Border Collie) and very smart. Aidan (white dog) is high energy and extremely intelligent. She has come such a long ways since we rescued her. Can you believe we got her after 2 families returned her to the breeder, she was arrested twice, spent time in the Humane Society and was part of a court order? Then we found out that she needed to move or she'd likely be destroyed. We went and saw her and the fleas were so thick on her that you could watch them run across her belly. Between the attack on her ears from flies and fleas her one ear is permanently flopped down like in the picture. Everyone thinks she absolutely adorable because of this ear, we think she's beautiful because she has become quite a wonderful, loving creature.
Thank you for looking, perhaps considering animal rescue/adoption (see your local Humane Society or click here to go to mine and see all the love that awaits you) and spending time with me. I'd love for you to share your animal adoption/rescue stories.

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