Monday, January 12, 2009

Sharing a New Year's Wish

Happy New Year!

We welcomed in the New Year with another medical surprise with my father (he is better now though). As I was anxiously waiting to hear how he was doing I worked on New Year's cards since I didn't get any Christmas cards out.

Jeff, my wonderful husband, took a picture of some ornaments that we put out on our blue spruce trees during the winter of 2008. The weather was just perfect winter weather and that included a light frost that encased the fragile ornaments. They just dripped with extra glitter, it was so peaceful. Jeff captured the look so perfectly. So of course they had to be shared with friends and family. I just hope I was able to enhance their substantial beauty.

I created the cards and sent them out with my New Year's wish that my parents would stay healthy, that my family and friends would know of the love I hold in my heart for each of them and that things in this gigantic world will only improve.

I hope to see you here again.


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